Eurogamer Day #1

Mostly a day of queueing and freebies. Attended the Peter Molyneux developer session which will be uploaded onto the site when finally at home, as well as the developer session for Rage, which looks to be a mix of Borderlands and Fallout 3, but in the best possible ways of course, along with iD’s own added mix of style and immense graphical aestheticness. Blag-wise, we managed to get mostly leaflets but from the two developer sessions we got t-shirts for both Fable3 and Rage, both of which look very cool! Didnt get chance to play many of the games on show due to queueing early for the Developer sessions, but hopefully there’ll be more time tomorrow and sunday to have a sitdown and do some reviewing, or at least experiencing to review when I get back to Stinger’s place. Anywho, it’s been a long day so it’s time to sleep like a Zombie. More tomorrow hopefully!

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