Back from Orlando

Well I’m back from my vacation to the US, and hell was it an awesome yet tiring vacation. Took a LOT of photographs and a fair bit of video-footage on my i8910HD, so those will be making their way to Facebook sometime over the next week (when I remember how to set Photoshop up to batch re-size images from 8mp to web-size XD).

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll also find more time to figure out how to customise this WordPress blog so that I can implement it into my website, which is another thing I’ll hopefully find time for. Though with Eurogamer coming up, most of my time might go into reviewing the demo’s they have at the convention, as well as many of the new releases that I’ve bought, such as Dead Rising 2, the patch that’ll make Heavy Rain Move-compatible which I recently purchased as well, Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep, etc.

Well, that’s pretty much my ramble for the time-being, mostly just a small post to start keeping the blog active, so now it’s back to pen-and-paper, to get a bit of the website worked out, both in design and coding, so, see y’all around!

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