Eurogamer Day #2

Another day of queueing but this time for competitions and to see the father of Sonic the Hedgehog *name here* (can’t remember the name off the top of my head at this late hour XD). Also got to play quite a few games today, including Gears Of War 3 (out 2011), Motorstorm (out 2011?), SAW 2 (out 2011?) and Halo Reach (during the competition, out now!). Made some review notes but the type ups will have to wait till I return home on Monday, as a laptop is fiddly to type on. Anywho, tomorrow we’re hoping to give Brink a good play as well as Dead Space 2 and many others. So for now, g’night y’all!

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Eurogamer Day #1

Mostly a day of queueing and freebies. Attended the Peter Molyneux developer session which will be uploaded onto the site when finally at home, as well as the developer session for Rage, which looks to be a mix of Borderlands and Fallout 3, but in the best possible ways of course, along with iD’s own added mix of style and immense graphical aestheticness. Blag-wise, we managed to get mostly leaflets but from the two developer sessions we got t-shirts for both Fable3 and Rage, both of which look very cool! Didnt get chance to play many of the games on show due to queueing early for the Developer sessions, but hopefully there’ll be more time tomorrow and sunday to have a sitdown and do some reviewing, or at least experiencing to review when I get back to Stinger’s place. Anywho, it’s been a long day so it’s time to sleep like a Zombie. More tomorrow hopefully!

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Eurogamer Expo!

This weekend I’ll be off to the Eurogamer Expo, so expect some photo’s, video’s and hopefully a few reviews on what I’m able to play whilst there.

Other reviews for released games such as DR2, KH Birth By Sleep, etc. will be on hold for the moment, just until I complete them, as I’d prefer to give a full and proper review rather than a review based on just a sample =]

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Windows 7

With all the changes to Windows since XP, there’s one thing I would like to see implemented, the ability to have Tabs in the Windows Explorer program, so I can look at multiple folders without having to have multiple windows open. It’d make it so much easier to browse through work folders and music at the same time.

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University Dissertation

Just a quick blog to link my University Dissertation on “World Creation – The creation of Virtual Worlds and its role in contemporary video-game entertainment”, so there we go. =]

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Back from Orlando

Well I’m back from my vacation to the US, and hell was it an awesome yet tiring vacation. Took a LOT of photographs and a fair bit of video-footage on my i8910HD, so those will be making their way to Facebook sometime over the next week (when I remember how to set Photoshop up to batch re-size images from 8mp to web-size XD).

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll also find more time to figure out how to customise this WordPress blog so that I can implement it into my website, which is another thing I’ll hopefully find time for. Though with Eurogamer coming up, most of my time might go into reviewing the demo’s they have at the convention, as well as many of the new releases that I’ve bought, such as Dead Rising 2, the patch that’ll make Heavy Rain Move-compatible which I recently purchased as well, Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep, etc.

Well, that’s pretty much my ramble for the time-being, mostly just a small post to start keeping the blog active, so now it’s back to pen-and-paper, to get a bit of the website worked out, both in design and coding, so, see y’all around!

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cout << “Hello World!” << endl;

Blog all setup! ^___^

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